I adored this session. We met out on property in Toutle where they keep their horse. It was a beautiful setting complete with a creek, barns, lots of land, and plenty of horses. It’s always so fun to do sessions in new places!!

I grew up out in the country (in Castle Rock) and every time I get out on a farm,  it makes me miss “home.” I will always be a country girl at heart even though I live in the middle of Longview now. Someday I hope to have land again. For now I’ll just live vicariously through others when I’m on photo sessions (it’s the next best thing!).

Enjoy the quick sneak peak!!


love this family!!


check out those cute teeth!! Oh my goodness!!




LOVE that barn


my fav!!


family hug (second favorite)

9(1-image)and finally, the Christmas card I would do if I were them!

(LOVE my new cards I’m offering for 2009. I will be blogging about these next week!!)

  • Love them! Love the title…. I cannot believe I didn’t see this until now! I use the Countryfied a lot with my lil cuties and my lil family as well!! :)