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Okay, so I dunno WHAT is in the water over here, but seriously, I have been photographing some GORGEOUS seniors this fall!!

Here’s a preview of one of my favorite sessions from last week….

okay, what on earth is in the water around here that makes such beautiful young folks??!!!! Seriously, this spring has brought the most amazing looking seniors!!!

Here’s some of my fav sessions from the past month. I wish I had time to post them all, but business has been CRAZY busy. Thank you all soooooo much for continuing to keep me doing what I love.

I hope you enjoy!!!

I kid you not, there is something in the water lately. These seniors lately are ridiculously beautiful!!!

Here’s a perfect example of an awesome young lady who is as smart as she is pretty.

It’s spring time and the senior season is BACK!!!! I still have about a dozen more sessions to edit, get orders, etc, but with all the baby sessions lately I wanted to mix it up here a bit on my blog. LOVE the babies but it’s not all I photograph. 😉

Here’s a handsome young man from a few weeks ago. He was so incredibly polite and wonderful to work with!!

Oh and he wore a suit!! (Take note folks, suits and fancy dresses are AWESOME to photograph. )

Thanks so much for choosing me to be your photographer!

LOVED this session!!! It’s from a few weeks back, but I wanted to make sure I shared!!

She’s gorgeous, isn’t she??!!! She also shows dogs and has won MANY awards over the last few years. It was so much fun watching her puppy do tricks!!