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It’s been awhile. A LONG while.

This time I have a great excuse. We had our ‘bonus’ baby exactly one year ago. I say ‘bonus’ because he was quite the surprise. We weren’t supposed to have any more kiddos, but clearly God had other plans. There’s a nine year age gap between my third kiddo and squish. Sooooo, I took an entire year off of my work to spend time with the perfect little man who has changed our lives in more ways than I could ever describe.

It was hard taking time off then jumping back in, but I’m adjusting pretty well. I started back four months ago and have dusted off all the cobwebs and I finally feel 100% again. I’m now back to taking any and all jobs (including weddings!!) Super excited to be back in the saddle after a break with my family.

So here’s some favorites of my ¬†little squish. He’s pretty much perfect. I’m going to be spending the next couple of weeks catching up on my blogging so prepare yourself for some fun stuff!!


First year with squish