So I kinda won a lot of trophies at the Professional Photographers of Washington’s annual print competition last week!!

I was absolutely BLOWN away with all the awards I received. See, previously I’ve only ever gotten “participants” trophies. You know, the ones you get just for being a part of the team? Yup. That was me. I played various sports growing and only ever got those “thanks for playing” trophies.  I was always just average at everything I did but I certainly tried my best. So at the awards banquet when they kept calling up my name for various awards, I was practically in shock. I honestly couldn’t believe it!!

Since I’m horrible with words, here’s my official “press release:”

Longview Photographer Wins Awards in Statewide Print Competition


Longview resident Jenica Lemmons of Lemondrops Photography received five awards, including “Photographer of the Year,” at the 2013 Print Competition held by the Professional Photographers of Washington ( over the weekend.

Lemmons’ entries in the competition included portraits of a puppy, a high school senior, a female dancer, and a group of groomsmen. She scored second highest overall in the competition and received the following awards:

• 2013 Best Portrait of an Animal

• 2013 Best Portrait of a Wedding Group

• 2013 Best Wedding Portrait Trophy

• 2013 Russ Clift Trophy (Photographer of the Year for a Diversified Entry)

• 2013 Alma Grey Trophy (Highest Score for a First Time Entrant)

Lemmons’ photographs will continue on to the International Print Competition held by the Professsional Photographers of America in July.

Lemondrops Photography has been locally owned and operated since 2006 and specializes in fine-art portraiture for families, high school seniors, and weddings. More information on Lemondrops Photography can be found online at




SO yeah, I’m kinda stunned and excited to say the least!! My images will be going on to The annual International Print Competition next month. I’m hoping to have at least one image go to the Loan Collection but we’ll see how it goes!!


I’m currently working on getting my Masters from the Professional Photographers of America ( I’m hoping to complete the program by 2015. All of the merits I earn in print competition help me earn my Masters (as well as several other merits I have to earn through various sources). It’s a very busy and exciting time. I’m so thankful to all the fellow photographers who are helping me on my journey. I cannot thank them enough for all the help they’ve been giving me. SUPER big thanks to all those who have been taking the time to mentor me and help me in my journey.




Here’s a cheesy photo of me with all my trophies!!



Here’s the images I got awards on!!










  • Congratulations!! So proud of you!!

  • Grandma Marja

    I’m soooo excited for you, Jenica! Congratulations! Your photography is so amazing and heartfelt! I can see and feel the love!

  • Nancy

    Congratulations on your well deserved awards! So happy for you!!

  • Grandma Bernice

    Congratulions Jenica. Beautiful work. I am really proud of you.
    Love you

  • You rock! 🙂 Totally well deserved!

  • sharon j

    So very well deserved!
    Love seeing your work 🙂

  • Sarah J. (Cooper) Rogers

    Congratulations, Cousin Jenica! These awards are so well-deserved. You are a true artist — your work is very moving like all great works of art. Almost like going to an art gallery without leaving home. Keep up the good work. Very proud of you! Sarah and family.

  • Just read your award blog. Congratulations! That is so awesome and deserved! You mention a “thank you” to those that have mentored you. How did you find mentors? What is the process? Are they local or is the mentoring relationship all “virtual” and on line?

  • Heather Annie

    It is incredible what you have accomplished in just a few years. I’m so proud of my talented “professional and award-winning photographer” cousin. Congrats!!

  • Marja

    By the way your photo with your awards is definately NOT cheesy! It reflects the beautiful young woman that you are and the rewards of your labor!