I can’t help but go all out with sessions of my nieces. I’m kinda biased and think they’re the CUTEST little girls in the world (other than my own of course. 😉 ).

Their parents just happen to be the coolest people in the entire world and every time I get an idea they say “absolutely, let’s do it!” So when I told them about my idea for this session they were more than willing. I had it all planned out in my brain and it turned out even better than I expected. The girls were absolutely perfect and full of energy. It was so much fun!!

Happy Birthday Miss “L”. I love you and your sister SO SO much.



*oh and because I’ve already gotten messages on facebook and I’m sure I will get emails for posting this; no babies were put in harms way in the making of this photo. It is merely photoshop magic. Do not try this at home. Miss L was safe the ENTIRE time during the session. Enjoy!!