I got the best voicemail this morning from a sweet lady that informed me my image I submitted to the PPA International Print Competition scored high and was selected to go to the Loan Collection. I was BLOWN away with the news as this was my first competition I’ve entered. The competition is fierce and people from around the world enter their best work.

Here’s how to explain what that means:

“The PPA Loan Collection is a compilation of photographic images judged to represent the elite within their entry classification. To achieve this distinction, a panel of more than 40 eminent photographers from across the United States uses a rigid 100-point scale to evaluate each of the approximately 5,000 entries submitted to PPA’s International Print Competition.

Images accepted into the prestigious PPA Loan Collection are considered the top entries from the PPA General Collection or “the best of the best.” ”

The loan collection images will also be published in a book and released later this year.

In Jenica terms (as I squeal with excitement):

“They really liked my photo so they decided to keep it and put it in a book!!!!”

And for those who don’t know, the PPA is the Professional Photographer’s Association. They are AMAZING and I’ve been a member for six years. I hope to one day get my masters with the PPA.
Anyhoo, thanks for letting me share my excitement. I am truly honored, excited, flabbergasted, and blown away.

  • Grandma Bernice

    Jenica I am so proud of you and also Happy for you . I am not surprised that they picked yours as you do such a fantastic job on all the photos you do. LOVE YOU

  • Dad

    I knew that you would do well !!!
    Love you!

  • Marja Ringen

    Congratulations, Jenica! We are so proud of you! Your photographs are truly works of art. You have worked so hard over the years to perfect your amazing gift and talent. Now,you can start reaping the rewards of your diligent and concentrated efforts. Yay!

  • Deanna Lemmons

    That is a HUGE honor. You absolutely deserve it, Jenica. Way to ROCK the WRECK!! Great write up in the paper on you, as well.

  • Higinio Munoz

    Congratulations ….I know the feeling. I competed in the 80’s and have my Florida degree…the print is beautiful, keep up the good work and you have lots more to come

  • Jenica – Congratulations to you. this is a gorgeous image – love the shape and texture of the shipwreck juxtaposed with the couple. Just beautiful!!