When I arrived at Joe and Becky’s wedding on June 23rd, 2012 it was POURING down rain. The forecast said it was an 80% chance of rain. I figured I was in for a soppy wet wedding. The moment Becky arrived on site, the rain stopped and the blue skies came out. If I wasn’t there to experience it, I wouldn’t have believed it. Joe and Becky are amazingly lucky and I’m pretty sure God wanted them to have a perfect day on their wedding day.

I’ve known Becky my entire life as she is my “little” cousin. I still picture her at four years old running around in nothing but rubber boots. It was rather fitting that she wore cowboy boots on her wedding day. 😉  She is an AMAZING (and not to mention gorgeous) woman and from what I know of Joe, they are a perfect match. He’s kind, sweet, and patient. Aside from her stunning looks Becky has always been fun and silly. It was her decision to get into the water after the ceremony. Normally I do rock the dress sessions for that sort of thing, but she was determined on getting beautiful photos of them in the river. It turned out more amazing than I could have imagined.

I could blubber on and on about this wedding since it was so special to me personally, but I’ll let the photos tell the story.


Congrats Becky and Joe. I love you both very much and am so incredibly grateful you hired me to do your wedding. It was an honor.