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Having a baby in our family is SOOOOOO exciting. This is my husband’s cousin and their brand new little baby girl. It’s even cooler that they are our next door neighbors.  It’s not too often folks with the same last name live right by each other. 😀

She was the EASIEST little girl to photograph. So incredibly sweet and perfect.

Thanks for letting me share. 😀

My dear friend flew me down to Arizona so I could capture her baby’s first photos. We made a vacation out of it and had an absolute blast. It was so nice to see a good friend and enjoy the warm sun for a few days.  I went to college in Arizona for a short time before getting together with my hubby. This was the first time I had been back in ten years. And WHOA, it had changed so much. Still nice and sunny, which I wish Washington was. Especially lately since it seems like it’s rained non-stop for months. 🙁

This session was completely unlike any other. In style, in my processing. It was so much fun to try new things and enjoy capturing moments. I used to only do on location work for years until I got my studio. Since getting my studio I’ve done most of my newborn sessions there. This session REALLY made me miss location work. I think I will try to do more sessions in home since it’s just so personal and so much fun!!

I also was lucky enough to photograph another little guy while I was there!!!  His mama is my good friends’ cousin and they were absolutely wonderful to meet and work with.

Here’s some of my favorites…

One of the things I LOVE about my job (there are countless others) is to be able to watch babies grow up. I get to be there from when they are their tiniest, when they grow to be a chubby baby, an exploring toddler to an active kid. It’s so fun to get to know these babies and watch them grow.

I think I get just as emotional as their parents when they come in again and I feel like it was yesterday that we did their first photos.  Sniff sniff.

This little man I’ve photographed since he was six days old. He melts my heart and makes me smile. I ADORE him. I’d even claim him as my own if I could.

Here’s the latest of little “N.” He is growing way too fast and is as adorable as ever.

So in a matter of a couple of weeks I tripled my work load, did a wedding at the top of a mountain and flew to Arizona for some sessions.

SOOOOOO, I’m catching up.

We’ve reached my superinsanelybusy spring season. I’m currently booking for mid May and have no spots left till then. I mean, if I could do sessions/editing in my sleep I would, but alas I don’t think my family wants a cranky mama. 😀

Here’s a few favs from a few weeks ago!!!