This couple was SO much fun. I know I say that a lot.  But seriously, I had an absolute blast photographing them. They had such character and I could definitely tell they were in love and had a great relationship that will stand the test of time. They could make each other laugh and were comfortable being around each other. Those two things in itself make a HUGE difference in relationships.

(Trust me, after ten years of marriage, photographing dozens and dozens of weddings, a girl figures it out 😉 )

Anyhoo, they’re getting married this Fall and I cannot WAIT to capture their big day. Here’s some favs of mine from the session!!!

  • Grandma Marja

    Beautiful! You captured the love in print once again my gifted and talented daughter! How DO you do it?

  • Andrea Ziegler

    I actually know the Mother of the Bride and have met both the future groom and the future bride. They are wonderful together. I love the photos, you captured some great moments.

  • Tabatha Owens

    Great pictures. It is obvious they are in love. Congratulations.


    How awesome to be so in love that it sparkles on their faces. You are a beautiful couple!

  • Dayna G

    Those are really great pictures of you two!

  • Keri Verhei

    Great photos Jenica! You captured the youthful playful attitude! I can only imagine how GREAT the wedding photos will be. I am still smiling after seeing these.

  • The photos are great. They really show the great loving relationship they have as shown through their eyes. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. They’re gonna be awesome.

  • Cathy Coleman

    These are wonderful pictures — you captured their personalities perfectly. The groom is my nephew and we are very excited to have the bride join our family officially!! Can’t wait for the wedding day.

  • Suzanne Arnits

    I am the mother of the groom. Wow, did you capture great moments between these two lovely people.

  • Thanks for sharing. You both look preciously in love. Mathew, you are same great looking kid who played with Lori at city parks in your toddler years. She loved that. Thanks again.

    I am working at coming back for your day.


  • Gunars Arnits

    Great pictures of the both of them, I am the father of the groom. I really liked the black and white picture the best.

  • Greg Arnits

    Great photo’s! They look very happy!

  • Bonnie Clanin

    Loved these pictures. What a nice couple.

  • Jenny Britt

    I love the outdoor pics. These are so great.
    Talented photographer and a beautiful couple.
    Love you guys

  • Looks great I’m so stoked to be part of your wedding and even more to be a part of your lives. Great to be related to ya. As always I am hopin the best for you guys and your journey together.

  • Renee Kendall

    I love our pictures! Thanks Jenica for making the day so special for us!

  • Sue Kendall

    Iam the mother of the bride and love the pictures. Thank you for capturing their love for each other, and making it a fun day for them. Looking forward to the wedding day. Love you guys

  • Megan Miller

    You guys look great!!! How fun.