My dear friend flew me down to Arizona so I could capture her baby’s first photos. We made a vacation out of it and had an absolute blast. It was so nice to see a good friend and enjoy the warm sun for a few days.  I went to college in Arizona for a short time before getting together with my hubby. This was the first time I had been back in ten years. And WHOA, it had changed so much. Still nice and sunny, which I wish Washington was. Especially lately since it seems like it’s rained non-stop for months. 🙁

This session was completely unlike any other. In style, in my processing. It was so much fun to try new things and enjoy capturing moments. I used to only do on location work for years until I got my studio. Since getting my studio I’ve done most of my newborn sessions there. This session REALLY made me miss location work. I think I will try to do more sessions in home since it’s just so personal and so much fun!!

I also was lucky enough to photograph another little guy while I was there!!!  His mama is my good friends’ cousin and they were absolutely wonderful to meet and work with.

Here’s some of my favorites…