Today has been one of those days where I’ve smiled most of the day. I’ve been working out again and I finally feel at peace with life. I’m glad that business is calmer in these colder months. It’s nice to have more time to spend with my kiddos and my husband.  More time to breathe, and time to smile.

Though it’s my super “slow” time, I’m ten times busier this year in January than I was even a year ago. I cannot believe how busy you all have kept me. THANK YOU for still having me do what I love so much even when the weather turns yucky. 😀

In other news:

I’ve been working on a 365 project where I take on photo every day for 365 days. It’s my own personal project and so far I’ve completed ten days (I still have to do today’s photo). I’ve had so much fun stretching myself to take an interesting photo that has nothing to do with my “normal” work. My own rules say that it has to be personal and tell a bit of a story. I took this photo when I was trying a self portrait for one of the days.

I’ll share more of my personal project photos once I complete a whole month. 😀

And remember to smile!!!