I had the pleasure of photographing Byron and Tiffanie on August 14th, 2010.  It was honestly one of the most fun, and beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. Byron and Tiffanie put so much time and thought into their wedding day, it was incredible. Everything they did was for a certain meaning. You see, Byron and Tiffanie met in Astoria at the Sunday Market while buying hot dogs. They felt an instant connection and just two years later they were wed. My huband and I stayed the weekend in Astoria to photograph the wedding and the day after the wedding we did photos of them at the Sunday market and on the base where Byron is a member of the US coast guard. I will post the “day after’ photos at another time.

Ceremony was at Chively Park.

Reception was at Baked Alaska

We photographed them at the Astoria Column, downtown Astoria, and on the pier in Astoria.

(Hubby and I stayed at the Commodore Hotel which is new and AWESOME by the way!!!)

I wish I could explain in words how wonderful this all was. So since my writing skills aren’t that great, here are the photos…




And yes, you’re seeing this correctly, her dress was blue!!! It was absolutely stunning and matched Byron’s uniform just perfectly!


They had their wedding rings custom made just for them. The rope is from a piece of the cord that is used by the US coast guard. Tiffanie studies birds (sorry I don’t know the technical term) so Byron drew these birds and they had them engraved on the side of her ring.

How cool is that??!!!!

Seriously, best most meaningful ring shot EVER!!!


Their “first look”


the one to the left reminds me of a heart. The way the trees cover over them, the way their bodies are. I can’t explain it, but I love this one!!



we considered going to the top of the column, but there were just way too many people. If you look close you can see them all looking down at the bride and groom!


LOVE this cake.


The Baked Alaska’s food was so good that Derrick and I ate there twice while we were staying in Astoria!!



how cool is this wall??!!!!


the Trolley!!!

hamiltoncross-589Absolute favorite photo of the day!!!

Huge canvas on your wall. Okay?

okay. 😀



Congrats to you both!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much for hiring me to do your photos!!