So this last month has been the busiest month I’ve ever had in my life.  July is by far my busiest month work wise, but added on top of it was a whole bunch of craziness. Thankfully God is good and we’ve managed to stay sane throughout all of it!

Let me jump right in and explain all the busy-ness (yes new word. Dictionary of Jenica).

My dad met the woman of his dreams. (WHOOP WHOOP). Dad got engaged, offered to sell us his house (which is HUGE compared to the tiny house we owned). So, we thought, “yes, this would be wonderful, but how on earth will we sell our house in this market?!!” So we mulled over the idea and started our ideas for putting it up on the market. Not a week later, a friend of ours was looking for homes and I teased her about us selling ours. She responded “I’m totally interested, tell me about it.” So I wrote her a huge message about our house and told her how much we were wanting for it. She writes back and says it sounds PERFECT and could we send pictures of it to her. Ok, I guess. I tried not to get my hopes up about it, but took pics and emailed them to her. She writes back and says that they’d like to make an appointment to see it. So we cleaned up the house and got it ready to show them. They come see it and fell in love and decided that they wanted to buy it. At this point I was like, “Okay God, apparently this is all part of your plan and if it’s up to you, it will work out.”

Fast forward a week.

At the same time we signed loan papers with my friend and her hubby, we signed papers with my dad to buy his house. All is good and we move forward. We started cleaning up/painting/renovating my dad’s house.

Fast forward two weeks;

Got all walls painted, carpets and flooring put in, and helped dad move out all of his stuff. We worked day/night on our project since we were closing in 30 days.  I cleaned/painted/renovated by day and edited by night. I did weddings/sessions in between and was tired. REALLY tired.

Two days ago we started moving into the new place and we’re almost done unpacking. After 12 moves in 10 years we’re moving pros. 😉

One day ago my dog decided to kill a raccoon that invaded the backyard. $417 and 12 stitches later, she’s just fine. Not a moving expense I had planned on, but at this point ya gotta roll with the punches if ya know what I mean.

My dad is getting married on September 25th (and yes, I’m photographing the wedding, so you will see pics!!). He’s staying with us until he ties the knot. My kids are SUPER excited to be living in “grandpa’s house” and I’m sooooo happy to be able to have people over and not feel cramped. Today we had the family birthday party for my daughter and it was so nice to have everyone over and have plenty of entertaining space!!

So while the timing has been interesting moving mid-July with five weddings and countless sessions, but it’s all worked out.

Right now I’m working hard editing all the beautiful wedding photos from the last few weeks and I’ll start posting all the previews as quickly as I can. I’ve somehow by the grace of God managed to stay on top of my normal work throughout this crazy time.

I would like to publicly thank my good friends Rhonda and Lindsay. They have helped out more than I can even explain. They’ve cared for my kids, helped me move, and Lindsay has been my right hand girl with the house stuff!!!  She helped me rip out carpet, make dump runs, and without her (and Rhonda) there’s no way we would have gotten this much done this quickly. They’ve been there with me when I’ve had my meltdowns, laughed with me and cried with me.

I’d also like to thank my dad for his AWESOME work remodeling the kitchen and making sure this house was finished for us. He has been so incredibly generous and I’m a lucky gal to have a daddy like him. I’m so incredibly excited for him to start his new life with his soon to be wife. They are a perfect pair and it’s just been incredible to see him this happy.

I’m blessed beyond words.

speedy boot2-0573editblog1

my dorky self at a wedding.

(Taken by Leya)

  • Grandma Bernice

    brought tears to my eyes you are an amazing gal love you so much and am so happy for all of you and your dad

  • Grandma Marja

    The house is just right for your family! I am so happy for you, Jenica, and I can see how God in his perfect timing, brought this about. Congratulations!

  • Jenica, you have been one busy girl!! Come back to us SPC girls when you can!