I had soooooo many babies come visit me the last couple of weeks that I just HAVE to show them all off.

Here’s some of my favorites….

k-5347 copy

I just love these little girls. they are so incredibly adorable!!!

sb9seriously, can’t resist that one on the right, can ya??


blog10yup, I knew you’d love these ones!!!

colton-9826 copy

oh and THIS little guy is just perfection. He gave me so many looks, smiles, and frowns.

6 month old babies are my absolute favorite age.

colton-9848 copy

can’t resist this one either. SOOOO cute.

colton-9855 copy

I guess I get this look a lot from the baby crowd. Maybe it’s the animal sounds I make, I dunno…

nolansixmonths-7130 copy

I love every single thing about this one.


HUGE canvas on my wall.

Seriously, I hate to admit, but one of my favorite baby/dog pics of ALL TIME.


Okay mr. N, that hat is perfect. You must share where you got it.



these babies are killing me with their cuteness.

trevorninemonths-0060 copy

this little guy got this airplane from his grandpa.

I am in love with this photo and that cute plane!!!


such a little stud!


I love baby and mama pics. Maybe it’s because I wish I were in more photos of me and my kids.

I will change that soon, I promise.

trevorninemonths-0141 copy

that perfect little face!!