I get asked this question constantly. Now that it’s my turn to pick out outfits for my own family portraits, it reminded me how difficult it can be to figure out what to wear. There’s so much time and thought that goes into a portrait session (and expense) that you want to make sure you make good selections.

Here’s some helpful hints:

*Choose timeless clothing. Stay away from busy patterns and prints (and logos).

*When coordinating family photos, choose a few colors and wear different items but don’t be “matchy matchy.”

*Wear clothing that fits. Too loose and too tight clothing can make a person look larger than they are. Also, keep in mind body style when choosing an outfit. I may LOVE white pants, but squeezing my big booty in them just looks BAD.

*When dressing kids, bright colors are fun!!! Don’t be afraid to be bold!!!

*In general my photography style is very relaxed, so stick with fun relaxed clothing. Nothing says “stiff family photos” quite like stiff clothing.

*Jeans almost always photograph well.

*There’s NOTHING wrong with going through your closet and picking out clothes that you already own and coordinating with those. Often people think that they need brand new clothes for a session, but it’s just not true.  My favorite portraits of my own kids are of them in clothing that I didn’t buy specifically for a portrait session, but chose at the last minute from their closet when doing photos.

*Wear clothing that is YOU (or your child). Wear something that represents who you are and your own unique style.

*Accessories are awesome. Scarves, jewelry, etc. etc. They complete the outfit and pull it all together.

* babies photograph best in “baby” type clothing. Onesies, simple outfits, and even in just a diaper cover!

Here’s some of my favorite sites for clothing:









p.s. gals don’t tell your hubby or significant other where you got this helpful information from. They may blame me, the innocent photographer. 😉

And because I can’t possibly post without a photo… here’s a sneak peak of a handsome little fella and his spectacular hat…