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Chris and Laura are such wonderful, cool people!!!

I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to be their wedding photographer for their 10/10/2010 wedding (cool date, huh?!!)

We had a blast doing their engagement photos and I created this collage for them. I love it so much I’m printing a sample for my studio.

They totally get my style and I love it when sessions work out so perfectly!


I had a hard time giving this set a title, because honestly, these two are STUNNING people. I was sad when my “senior season” came to an end a couple of weeks ago. It’s so much fun getting to know these young adults.

First up is Miss Marriah, who is not only gorgeous, she’s SOOOOO cool and such a hard worker. While balancing school, she’s working almost full time!

Same thing with the handsome Mr. Chasen. He also works almost a TON while going to school. His parents were super cool and surprised him by borrowing a jet for a couple of hours so we could do his photo session with it. Talk about AWESOME!!!

Check em out and leave them some comments!!!!


My new favorite location. Stunning girl in a stunning place.



Marriah, you are GORGEOUS!!






these were so much fun to photograph!!!

We got special access to a private jet and since he’s going to school to become a pilot, it was just perfect!



Such a handsome guy!


Super model guy material

He’s currently dating this beauty here. They’re such a cute couple!!