This is how life is supposed to be…..


my three and their “run faster, jump higher” shoes

My gramma taught me that “no matter what you gotta always be fair with your kids.”

It’s just convenient that they all wanted the same pair this time. LOL!

blog2we love to snuggle around my house. And watch cartoons and draw. 😀

blog1oh and a WHOLE LOTTA baseball.

Can’t forget that.

It’s a must for everyone at least three times a day.

blog3scooters and bikes…

those are also must have for sunny weekends.

cookingwmrsoh and did I tell you that my hubby is a FABULOUS cook???!!!!

yes, he’s awesome and no, you can’t have him. 😉

dishesoh yes, he does dishes too.

EYE CANDY right there.

Yep, he’s hot.

That’s the good stuff right there.

My family.

  • Grandma Bernice

    Just perfect pictures thats all about love and family
    love you all

  • Mel

    Jenica- I just love these pictures…I think I need you to come and live undercover at my house to capture some like this…these are the absolute best!

  • Aunt Robin

    Yep, you have a great life! It’s even greater that you appreciate it! I’m sure hubby and the kids know they have a great wife and mom too.

  • These are just fantastic!! GREAT storytelling in these images and I know your kids will truly appreciate this gift when they are grown!

  • Oh girl what a blessed life you lead! Love this documentation of your weekend.

  • Grandma Marja

    I have to agree with Grandma Bernice and Aunt Robin. You have a beautiful family and I’m so thankful I’m a little part of it!

  • Love these, such great memories you have captured!… and the Chuck Taylors? priceless! 🙂