I’m off this entire weekend and it’s kinda weird to have three days off in a row. That hasn’t happened in quite awhile!!!  I work when people are off work (and everywhere in between). It’s the rare occasion to be able to sit around in my jammies for an entire day and organize my closet, do laundry, and clean my house for a barbeque (like my day today).

It’s a guilty pleasure though, because I had to tell so many people “no, I’m not available on XX date or XX date.” It’s a tough position to be in when I’ve worked so very hard to be where I am in business. It’s become difficult to schedule time “off.” I love my job so much, but I love my family so much more. I don’t want to tell my kids “no” in order to tell someone else “yes.”

Anyway, enough of my random Saturday evening ramblings. I will be around come Tuesday morning if someone should need to get ahold of me. I’m not going anywhere, but I’m giving myself a mental break from work for the weekend.

And because I can’t possibly handle having a post without a photo, here’s a picture of the three kiddos that I will be spending the next couple of days with….