I’m loving all these little babies that have super duper cool parents who call me and want me to photograph them. Seriously,


I get to hold and snuggle and photograph little tiny babies all the time. I get to capture their newness so mom and dad can look back and remember how small they once were.

It’s amazing how quickly they grow from the time I do the session to two weeks later when we do the ordering appointment. I can’t even get over how quickly they change in that short of time. As a mama myself I realize how time flies by too quickly.

See I’m getting all emotional again. It’s probably the fact my daughter will be turning eight next month and “the baby” is potty training and not even a baby anymore.


Okay on to non-emotional things.

Wait, no.

These baby photos might make you cry as well. I dunno…..


This little precious guy was SOOOOOO perfect and sleepy for his session. He fell asleep right away and was a perfect subject.

(I think I”m in love with the new green background. If you couldn’t tell by now, I like Lemons and green. Oh and coffee and chocolate if you’re really interested in the goofy details of Jenica’s life. HAHAHA!!)

blog4I love the super close ups of the face. The cute little lips, the peaceful sleep look.


blog2Here’s the new baby’s super hysterical three year old brother!!! LOVE this kid!!

He kept me quite entertained while photographing him!!


My favorite kind of family photos.

Just beautiful.

mbloggityHere’s little M that came back for his five month photos!!!

His newborn can be seen here, Maternity of his mama and photos of his older siblings can been see here.


LOVE this one!!!

Sooooo incredibly cute and smiley!


Can’t resist this little face….