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This little darling baby girl was such a good sleeper!!! She konked out right at the beginning of the session and was absolutely wonderful to work with.

She put up with me putting a cute little tutu and headband on her for her fun girly girl photos. Most babies wouldn’t tolerate such a thing, but she did awesome.

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. S on a beautiful baby girl.

She’s perfect!



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FAVORITES!!! (so excited about these!!)

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I love the little details of babies


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It’s senior season again!!!!! I am loving all these sessions lately, it’s a blast!! Not to mention, I get to photograph some incredible (not to mention beautiful) people.

I remember back in my day there were only a few options for senior portraits. You either went to someone’s studio, had photos by the lake, or there was one really cool studio up North that had this really awesome old beat up truck as a prop (yes, I hired them for THAT prop. I do hope to own one myself someday).

Anyway, my point….. I like finding out what a senior REALLY wants for their photos. It’s a fun challenge figuring out what kind of session they want.

When I graduated ten years ago (yes, I’m getting older and less cool) I just wanted to be different. I wanted something fun and unique. I strive to do that for my seniors now.

Okay I’ll stop rambling and get to the photos…. here’s a gorgeous gal from last week….


and here’s a new product I’m offering this year…


It’s a mini-accordion book. They’re the perfect little brag books!!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks between seniors, new babies, engagement sessions,  a wedding, and all the other crazy stuff I do. I’m finally caught up on editing, but WAY behind on posting these beautiful life’s moments.

The hubster and I are finally taking a weekend off (no sessions for me, and no work for him). I think it’s been about six months since we’ve had an uneventful, non-working weekend. I’m going to “un-plug” and do crazy things like watch television for hours on end and read for a change.

I have been looking forward to my weekend off for the past month. WHOOT!!!!!!!

SOOOOOO, I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule come Monday and Tuesday (so keep checking back then!).

For now, here’s a sweet photo of a precious little baby girl from this last week….

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