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This little three year old girl became a big sister just 18 days prior to this photo session. They are both the most beautiful little girls and their parents are pretty good lookin as well. 😉

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing them OUTSIDE last week. Yes, I said outside. It’s a wonderful feeling, being outdoors again. I finally felt like I was “home” after all these months cooped up in the studio. It was a perfect day and I had a perfect family to photograph.

We finished the newborn portion of the session in the studio, of course, since it was about 50 degrees outdoors and getting baby to sleep outside just wasn’t going to happen on a day like that day. The adventure outdoors wore her out and we got lots of beautiful sleepy shots inside.

Thank you so much for letting me capture your memories. I truly love my job.


I don’t know why I love this one so much, but I do!

blog2This little girl just had me in stitches with her personality!!

blog3“daddy and me”


the family


“love you mama”

(FAVORITE…. would blow this one up huge if it were me and my babies)

blog8precious baby girl with her mommy and daddy


okay seriously this little face just melts my heart…

look at those perfect little lips!!!


perfect little flower

Last week I read a story on one of my photographer friend’s blog that affected me more than I could have imagined. The photographer is Christy Lacy and the story was about a little girl named Layla Grace.

She is a little girl who is dying of cancer. She’s the same age as my youngest son. I can’t even begin to explain how reading her story saddens me.

The blog that her parents have made documenting their lives is here:

I normally don’t read about stories like these. It breaks my heart too much as a mama of young children. But for whatever reason this little girl has affected me tremendously. Layla’s time is very short. She may live a few more hours or a few more days but her body is shutting down and these are the last moments her family has with her.

Please join me in praying for comfort and peace for Layla and her family.

My heart breaks for them…