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It’s been a long rough week this week. Sometimes life throws you challenges and the Lord will guide you through it, but often not without being utterly EXHAUSTED.

So today I’m posting some fun things that make me smile.

Babies and puppies. Honestly, it doesn’t get much cuter than this!!




“mr. M”

MT-6 copywmrs


MT-21 copywmrs

a baby AND a puppy in one photo.

absolute smiles all around.


Lucy Lu


how cute is she??!!!

MT-9 copywmrs


This precious little girl was such a good baby!!! I could have kept her!!! She was simply perfect for our whole session.

Enjoy the preview!

ablog1sweet sleepy baby




okay that smile is perfect!!!


beautiful family!


hello pretty girl!

This little man was SOOOOO stinking cute.  His mama dressed him so handsome in his little golfer hat.  He’s a part of my “lemondrop club” (three sessions within a year for baby growing up). This was his first session and I can’t wait to watch him grow up!!!

LOVE my job!!!


My middle son is four today. He’s quite the character and has the ability to make people smile. He gives the best hugs and crawls into my lap all the time just to “snuggle.” He’s also the most strong willed child out of our three and takes a bit extra time and care convincing him that he needs to be doing something else rather than what he’s set his mind to. 😉 You parents know what I’m talking about 😉 hehe.

He’s very into baseball and has recently taken to sleeping with his baseball glove and ball. Apparently they will get lost unless you bring them into bed 😉 He’s a collector of things and runs around with pez dispensers, his car collection, and now he’s working on collecting all things baseball related.

Happy birthday little man!!! I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.


this is totally him. As fiesty as they get!! HAHAHA!!

It’s also the one I used on his birthday invitation. 😀


Being goofy in the studio.


CHA CHING!!! A nice, looking, smiling, not weird face photo.


This little mister was just over a week old and “as cute as a bug’s ear” (that’s what my dad always used to say when something was super cute).

He was a good little sleeper and we were able to get a good variety of photos. It’s funny how I try so hard to get them to go to sleep yet the wide awake shots are sometimes my favorites. To get a newborn baby looking without crossed eyes is a feat in itself.

I can’t get over how many new babies there have been lately!!! How exciting!!



LOVE this one!!


his mama was so excited to get this one!!! He’s just precious!


little peanut

blog1the family

(LOVE LOVE LOVE the top left where he is smiling!)