I had the opportunity to spend a morning with this beautiful couple, Orrin and Betty. They will be celebrating their 70th anniversary in September. Yes, that’s SEVENTY years.

When I was contacted to do this session I was overjoyed with the opportunity to meet such a couple. It’s a rare thing for people to be married that long, let alone still being in love. Just watching the two of them interact brought tears to my eyes. They practically finished each other’s sentences and would gaze at each other lovingly while the other was talking.

I took photos and they told stories of their lives. They have three children, eight grandchildren, a “whole bunch” of great grandkids, and one great great granchild.

My life forever changed when meeting these two. I hope someday to celebrate my 70th anniversary with my hubby.

Just a warning, these two may melt your heart and make you cry. Have tissues handy….

sb19093Their “formal portraits”

sb4we went back into their house to get some photos of them spending time together in their home.


70 years.


Orrin likes to do read and do crossword puzzles


Betty loves to do puzzles


Orrin telling me stories about his time in World War II and the jobs he held as a kid growing up.


They are so full of joy and love together


this is what real love looks like.


  • Grandma B.

    Wow what great pictures of a beautiful couple

  • You warned about the tissue, but I didn’t listen…I’m using my sleeve! Isn’t that what being a photographer is all about? It shoud inspire us all to create love like that in our own lives and view marriage as the sacred union that it is. I always enjoy following your work!

  • absolutely gorgeous pictures. gave me goosebumps and prickly eyes by the end

  • Jackie Hardesty

    Great photo’s along with an enjoyable and interesting story. My husband and I still have 17 more years of loving memories to fill before we hit 70 years of marriage. If you are still doing photography, we will look you up to do our pictures!!