I get that comment a lot about my daughter and I.

Whether looks or personality, according to other people she’s like me. Of course when it comes to her analytical mind she’s exactly like her father. If you’ve ever read my blog post about her correcting my grammar mistakes, you’ll understand. It’s tough when your seven year old can write better than you.

Lately I’ve been dragging (er…. bringing…)  her to the studio when I have sessions or ordering appointments. She’s pretty quiet when given a book and has been known to make a few kids smile here and there. Mostly she just likes the time away from her little brothers. Of course, I have asked her to help me with taking out the garbage a time or two, but the kid has to learn responsibility sometime!

A few nights ago I brought her with me and she helped me test the lights before my session arrived. We had a bit of fun and this is what we got. Gotta love her silly self.