I LOVE this family.

Okay, well it’s probably because they’re family of ours. Mr. R is my hubby’s cousin. He’s the brother to this beautiful bride.

They live in Nashville, TN and came all the way to have me photograph them!! HAHA kidding. I’m not that cool.They came for Christmas but I got to steal them away to do a session. This is the first time I’ve gotten to meet their newest addition. He’s now four months old and the cutest little thing. He was a really good sport about having his photos done. He didn’t even fuss once!!!

Thanks R family for putting up with me. I sure enjoyed hanging out with you guys and I can’t wait to see you for our family Christmas get-together!!

R-14 copy

Mrs. R you are absolutely gorgeous!!


I get that look a lot from babies.

R-2 copy

they’re so perfect it almost hurts

R-5edit copy

okay now  THIS is my favorite. New processing for me. Whatcha think?

R-8edit copy

good from this angle too!!


this one makes me smile


I love color !!!