My insane Christmas season is now slowing down. I’m not even close to being up to date with blog posts. I hope the next few weeks will allow me some time to show you some of the fun sessions that I’ve done and haven’t posted!

Last weekend after a big round of mini sessions, I stole my brother and sister-in-law for a few photos. Mostly for my own sake because I want a huge photo of them on my wall. In my old age I get all emotional about that sort of stuff. The most updated photo of them I have currently in my house is from their wedding four years ago (or was it five?? gosh, I don’t remember).

Anyhoo…. here’s my GORGEOUS sister-in-law and my most handsome brother….

(oh yeah,  hi mom!! I know you’ll be reading this and loving the fact that I photographed your other kids. Love you bunches!!!)

NN-5 copyrs

seriously couldn’t get any better lookin than this!!!


LOVE this. Yes, I love laughing shots. I can’t help it, they make me smile.

NN-11 copyfunkyrs

so hot they’re hazardous

NN-9 copyfunkyrs

this makes me smile.

plus the coloring is rad. If rad is a cool word that is.