These kids live out in the country and I got the pleasure of joining them for a fun-filled morning on the farm out in Toledo.

I got to meet one of their horses “Big Boy” as he is called. He was HUGGGEEEEE. Not only was he huge, he followed us around like a puppy dog. He particularly liked my reflector. It was so funny to be followed around by a big horse!!!

I had fun for this session. I hope you enjoy the quick preview!

sb2I just love the colors of this old barn!! Such a perfect backdrop for photos!

sb3“big boy” and the kids.

I kept trying to get a photo of them petting the horse, but he kept following me. So hence the photo on the right. I just went with it and thought that this particular pose was pretty funny.


these kids were a riot!!!

sb8hay fight!!!!


sb5ahh yes, that mischievous grin. He’s possibly up to something…

sb6she has hair that we older gals only dream of.



Thanks for looking!!