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Whew that was a long title!

My little sis had her baby on friday evening. He was a tiny little fritter (as my daddy would say) at 6 pounds and 7 ounces. He was 19 inches long. Just a perfect little bean.

He has his first “real” appointment with me next week for his newborn pictures. Here’s a few snaps from the hospital that I got while I was visiting (and oohing and ahhing over him).

Congrats Lynsay and Branden on your precious little guy. He’s perfect!


m-1-3editrsjust look at that face!!!

m-1-11 copyrs


getting all artsy. I love this one. SOOO tiny.


his little monkey shirt was just adorable!!

These kids came in with their parents for a fun family session out at the Lake. The colors on the leaves have started to change and they dressed perfectly with fall colors.

They were absolutely adorable and I couldn’t help but post a quick sneak peak from their session.

Thanks so much for having me do your photos!!!


This little firecracker was a blast!! She and I had quite a fun time stomping on leaves and exploring the gardens.

Check out her sparkely brown eyes. GORGEOUS!!!


okay seriously, could anyone resist that face???


This photo brings tears to my eyes as a mom myself. Between siblings there’s such love (and fighting). It’s just so sweet….

Words can’t even describe how beautiful this wedding was. Not only was every detail carefully planned out, it was also the most entertaining and emotional wedding. Angie and Trevor have been together for quite some time. They’ve seen the ups and downs of life, moved around quite a bit, and their relationship has survived the storm. I could definately feel the love between these two.

Angie is the younger sister of my very good friend, BriAnne. I’ve known Angie since we were all little kids. She has grown to be an amazingly beautiful woman with a solid head on her shoulders. I was overjoyed when she asked me to photograph her big day. I got to meet the groom a few years ago when BriAnne got married. To make things interesting, BriAnne’s husband is the brother to the groom. So when Angie and Trevor married, it was a set of brothers marrying a set of sisters. How cool is that?!!!  When it came to the family portraits, we laughed pretty hard since both sides included a lot of the same people.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Bride’s parents house. Flowers by Geranium Lake Flowers.

Special thanks to my Second (and third) photographers, Leya and Jason. You guys did an amazing job!!

To save all of you from my bad grammar and typos, I will just get to the point!

Enjoy a few highlights from the Coates/Skreen wedding….

a1sboh how I love beautiful details…

angie and trevor weddingfunny how guys get ready versus how girls get ready!

a5sbokay seriously, these folks are just gorgeous!

wedding in kelsomy fav.

a7sbthis just makes me laugh hysterically

a10sbfavorite group shot to date!

a11sbAngie wanted something unique for her family photos. I think this is THE coolest photo of the bride/groom and their parents I’ve ever seen. Normally it’s just the ‘stand in line, take a shot’ sort of deal.


a12sbLOVE these

a13sbhelllooooo beautiful couple




Mr. and Mrs. Coates’ first portrait as a married couple.

a2sbhow cool are their reception details??!!!



Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Coates. I was so blessed to be a part of your day.

Thank you a million times over for choosing me to be your photographer!

This couple came all the way from Vancouver for a session with me. I’m always so flattered when people call me from Vancouver and Portland! We originally were going to do the session in Vancouver, but ended up doing it in my new studio. It’s not quite finished, but it was put together enough to have a session. They put me at ease and made me feel good about my new space. It’s coming along quite nicely and I will show photos as soon as it’s all done!

Little Miss “S” is seven weeks and an absolute DOLL.  Normally I do newborn sessions earlier since they sleep better, but she was a perfect angel. We went out to the park to get some nice outdoor family photos and then brought her back in studio to get the rest. Within minutes we had these beautiful images.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful session. I am so excited about these images and excited about my first in studio session!!

Vancouver newborn photography

She did this the first try. Did I mention she was perfect!!! Look at those perfect little lips…. sigh.


look at those beautiful eyelashes!!

stella-1-4edit copywmrs

now you can see where she gets her looks. Her mama is absolutely stunning!!

Thanks for looking!!!