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My good friend Melea is expecting her second baby (who’s a surprise). I’ve been photographing Melea and her family for quite some time now. She comes to visit from Portland for our sessions. You can see her son here and here.

I can’t wait until her baby is here next month. If all works out, I’ll be doing her birth photos (and of course newborn photos).

As always Melea, it was awesome photographing you. You’re one ‘hot mama’!!


mblog1she’s absolutely stunning!



my favorite!

Here’s my attempt # 4,598 of trying to get a nice photo of the three of my children together. Of course them taking direction from their photographer mom is like herding cats into a pool.

So of course I tried to get them to sit still and these photos are what happened.

THIS is exactly how they are, just being kids.

It’s perfect.


somehow saying “okay kids, sit down right here” translates into “mom said I could jump on top of you”


notice how the baby is laughing at them thinking he’s in the clear


he was wrong


don’t worry, he was okay


sweet success!!!

Not technically perfect, but they are all looking and smiling.

This beautiful family came to my studio from Vader, Washington. It’s just a few miles up the freeway from my new studio in Kelso. I’m not quite moved in to the new space yet. After I finish some final touches, I will post some photos of it. I’m hoping to be done within a week or so, but with all the details, I’m not promising anything!

For this session we met at the local park near my studio and started with some fun outdoor shots. If I haven’t mentioned a million times already, I LOVE newborn sessions. They are among my absolute favorite to photograph. Little man “R” was an absolute perfect baby for me and we got a lot of great photos. I couldn’t resist sharing more than my usual.

After our outdoor session we headed back to the studio for some more photos. Since the weather is turning a bit cooler, we didn’t want to do the entire session outdoors. Don’t worry, we kept him nice and warm outside!!

I hope you enjoy the preview!


The new family.

sb1oh I love the big yawns of new babies


perfect squishy baby!


half smirk!

(sneak preview of my new wall color)


He was PERFECT!!!!

Doing this session was both fun and a little sad at the same time. We’ve known the “R” family for about eight years now. My husband and Michael were in the military together and we all moved to a few of the same duty stations. “A” is the same age as my Miss K and they grew up playing together. I still remember the first time when I met Allison. “A” was just a couple of months old and I was due with miss K. We hung out together a few times and Allison taught me all about nursing and the woes of childbirth. We all lived in Texas at the time and my friends there became my family. Since we were both only twenty years old, we were the first of our friends to have kids. So at most of the bbq’s and get-togethers, we banded together and talked mom stuff. At one point a few of us formed a quilting group. We sewed away while the kids played. We had some great times.

While my husband got out of the Army three years ago, Michael stayed in. At the end of the month Michael will be deploying to Iraq. Leaving his family behind for a year, he will go off and serve our country.

I know all too well the feeling of your spouse moving away where you can’t go. Separation is hard and military wives are some of the strongest women I know. They hold down the fort and take care of everything while their spouses are doing work that most of us wouldn’t do. Political views aside, these men and women are absolutely amazing.

I love you guys and I’m so glad you asked me to do your photos. Thank you so much for a wonderful day of barbeque and hanging out with our families together again.



this one makes me laugh


I’d have this as a HUGE canvas. Oh yes it’s my fav.

sb1ramseyokay I could take her home.


sb6Check out this handsome guy!!! My how he’s grown over the years!


two kids and she looks that hot.

Totally not fair

(Love ya Allison!!)


Quick sneak peak for the “B” family. How cute are they???