It seems like yesterday that my little sister announced the big news that I was going to be an aunt (again). She is expecting a baby boy the middle of next month. He’s gonna be close enough in age that my own little guys will still be able to be buddies with him!

Of course I had to steal her away to get some nice maternity photos before baby M arrives. Lynsay is my kids’ babysitter a couple days a week and they love her to pieces (as do I).  She’s a great sister and a great friend.

(okay, geez this is getting sappy, I need to stop).

I love ya Lynsay!!! I’m so excited to see mr. M when he arrives!!!


my FAV!!

Hello canvas!!!




She could seriously be in magazines. She’s got a bump, with style. 🙂

I wish I looked that good when I was preggo. I looked like a big ol belly with really short legs. Quite humorous actually.

Okay on to the sizzle poses…

sb22Till next time!