Elena has become a great friend of mine over the past few months. She’s been 2nd shooting some weddings with me and her talent always amazes me. You can see her site here. She’s not only talented, she’s absolutely beautiful and her husband is quite the looker. Together they make an absolutely breath-taking couple.

This year marks their sixth anniversary. It’s not a landmark year by any means, but I live by the rule that if you wait for that special time to get photos done it may never happen. Sometimes the most magical moments happen when it’s not a special day. I’m often doing photos of couples a day after, a week after, or even years after they’ve been married. I love to capture the true beauty of love. The love that sometimes takes years to form. The years together through the good times and bad. (Okay I gotta stop now or I’ll start crying all over again.)

Elena and Demetrye are extraordinary in their love together. The way he looks at her, the way she relaxes when he’s nearby, the smiles, the silence that speaks volumes.


If these images even show a glimpse of what their love is, then I will be satisfied.

9wmrsmy favorite.


5wmrsno really, they’re not models. They are REAL people (could have fooled you with those amazing looks!!)



dos sizzle

10wmrsreally awesome building alert!


4wmrsokay I lied, THIS is my favorite. You guys know me and my love of laughter. It’s contagious. I mean, really… how could you not laugh while seeing this photo. Yup, made ya smile didn’t it….



e1she’s so gorgeous

12wmrs okay and this one just made me smile. Not a normal portrait, but again… the laughter…

Elena and Demeytre, I’m so honored you asked me to do your photos. I had the best time!!!