My good friend Kylie called me to see if I was available to do a family session while she was in Astoria vacationing with her family. Of course I jumped at the opportunity since I rarely see her (she lives about 9 hours away). Since Mondays are my day “off” I grabbed a good friend, my kiddos, and packed up the van for the beach!

After the session I took the kiddos out to the beach for some fun and then hit up an ice cream store on our way out. I’ve always wanted pictures of my kiddos eating ice cream cones, so it was quite fun to capture.

THIS is what summer is about!


is this not the cutest shop??!!!

icsb2D totally downed his entire cone and sat there after the other kids were finished. He was completely covered with ice cream by the time he was finished!


and many thanks to my good friend Lindsay for helping me with the kids! I couldn’t have done it without you, girl!