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Just when I think my favorite thing is doing weddings, I have an amazing family session.

The “S” family met me on Friday for a nice family portrait of the three of them. Little Miss is 11 months old and one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever photographed (scroll down and you’ll see what I’m talking about). She wasn’t sure about me at first, but she finally warmed up to me and I got some great smiles.

Thank you so much for having me do your portraits. It was truly my pleasure. I hope you enjoy your preview!

I love everything about this photo. She looks like a porcelain doll. Absolutely perfect!!


her eyelashes are so gorgeous…


she’s only 11 months and not quite walking, but she had fun with mommy and daddy helping her!!

family and one year old

This one just makes me smile. It’s by far my favorite from the session. I just love happy smiles!!!! I think if I were to put together all of my favorite photographs they would have great big smiles in them.


and a beautiful family portrait!!!


and here’s an “old school” effect that I have been playing with (LOVE this look!!). And of course how can you resist that dimple and her infectious smile??


This is Micah. He’s the uncle of this little guy. We did their sessions in the same afternoon to make it easier since they traveled from Vancouver to have their photos taken (makes me feel so special!!!).

Micah is autistic but you’d never know by looking at these pictures. He brings such joy to those around him. He is graduating this year and wanted to have the senior photo experience that everyone else gets.  I think he had fun being a supermodel. So much in fact that his family now teases him about going into modeling!!

This was the first time I photographed someone so special. I didn’t find it difficult at all. He’s just like any other guy and I think he even enjoys life a little bit more than the rest of us. It was really easy to get a good laugh out of him.

Thank you Micah for a great experience. You were awesome!!!



mblog1and THIS is how funny this guy is. I laughed so hard when he did these poses I just had to show them!


While editing wedding photos today I stumbled upon a funny one of me that my second shooter took. I figured I’d add a few more that were taken a few weeks prior. Gives you a little feel for how I roll.

On the ground that is.

muhaahaaa haaa (insert laugh here).

THIS is the reason I don’t work out anymore. No need when you have to get down on the ground to get the shot!! Abs of steel I tell ya.

(okay well truthfully I was sore the next day, but don’t tell anyone how out of shape I really am…)


what we call “chimping” which means we’re looking at the photos we just took. I’m intense!!!


Giving posing instructions to the bride and groom. By the looks of their faces you’d think that I was telling them to do something crazy. It’s probably true. I bet I was! “You want us to do WHAT, Jenica?”


Happy Wednesday!!

I’ve been photographing little “E” since he was in his mama’s tummy. He’s such a delight to photograph and it’s always fun getting to see him and his mom every time we have a session. His mom is pregnant again and I’m so excited because she’s asked me to photograph the birth!! I’ve never done birth photography before so it will be a great experience. Since she’s not due for a few more months, my excitement will have to wait.

Here’s a few of “E” and his biker outfit. He’s such a tough little man!!

For more of the little guy, check out these past galleries:

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1 year old

Thanks for a fun session!!!  I hope you enjoy the preview!!


I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Ashley for her senior photos. Her mom had tried to schedule a session before graduation but unfortunately I was booked up until last week.

She quickly became one of my favorite subjects because she thought my jokes were hysterical. As some of you know, I  make random odd jokes throughout my sessions to get people to loosen up and give me a laugh. I’m usually laughed at because they think I’m weird or they laugh just to make me feel better. Ashley gave me great belly laughs and I could tell that she “got me” and my humor.

Thanks for a great time!!

She brought her best friend Jessica along with her for the session so we got a few shots of them together. They were both great fun!