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Just one from this mornings “day after” session with my bride and groom from Friday’s wedding. They decided before hand that they wanted a “day after” session to capture some moments of the two of them without the rush of their wedding.  I enjoy these sessions quite a bit since I get a lot more artistic freedom then I do at a regular event where we are on a time schedule and multiple locations aren’t always possible.

They are an absolutely stunning couple and it turned out to be a perfect morning. I have many more I will share later, but this one caught my eye right away.


Being a mama is tough work.

Today was one of those days where even though I was “off” work, I felt like my hands were full (times three). Today was one of those days where my angels weren’t quite angels. Where my patience was tried five hundred bazillion times (yes, that is an exact number).

At the same time, I’m so grateful that God entrusted me to care for these little ones. Even though it makes life really busy and chaotic, it’s always worth it. Even amongst the fighting over toys, the constant messes, and diaper changes. Oh goodness, my list could go on and on…

So here I sit at 10:55 p.m. at night editing (always editing). There’s a nice quiet calm in the house.  The kids are tucked away in bed after a long day in the sun. The new air conditioner is whirring away and we’re finally cooled off from the heat.

And I’m happy.


I traveled a bit out of my normal range for this newborn session to Portland, OR (which is only about 50 minutes from me). Miss R was the perfect little squishy newborn. I got some shots of her that I’d been hoping to get for quite some time. She ended up being a great little model. I could post a dozen more favorites, but this is all I have time to show for now.

Thank you so much for having me do your baby’s photos. I had a great time and I hope you enjoy your preview!




They had gotten a card with this particular pose on it and I couldn’t resist duplicating it. It’s one of my fav feet shots ever!!


This is what we call it when a photographer loves a photo reguardless of the technical details. This particular photo I love despite the fact that Mr. D had dirt all over his face. Yes TECHNICALLY I should clean it off. But the mom in me says it’s “oh so cute.”

Mommy goggles are great when your kids are doing things that you’d rather them not do. Like eating messy popsicles.  Without mommy goggles you’d say “oh you’re making a mess, be careful with that!” With mommy goggles you do crazy things like sit there with a camera and watch as the syrupy liquid just rolled down his arm all the while taking photos of him getting a sticky mess all over him.

Yup, mommy goggles. The things that our kids do that are not so exciting to others, but we think are just the cutest things in the whole world.

So here’s Mr. D. Dirty face and all.

And I’m wearing my mommy goggles.

mommy goggles

Tyler and Gina wed in Astoria, Oregon on June 27th, 2009. I was the lucky one to be chosen to be their wedding photographer.

They exchanged their vows on a beautiful grassy spot overlooking the ocean. It was a bright and sunny day. Every detail was perfectly planned out with gorgeous colors of lime green and blue.  The reception was held at the Red Building in The Loft. It’s the same spot where Anne and Jimmy got married on May 16th. I’m in love with this location and often recommend it to brides when they’re looking for a place to have their wedding.

Gina and her bridesmaids traveled to the wedding by taking the trolley. We did some of the formals inside of the antique trolley. The conductor even gave us some history as he drove us on in to the ceremony site. The woodwork was absolutely amazing and it made for a unique look. I have so many photos from their big day that it was hard to choose even a small sampling of my favorites.

Thank you so much Tyler and Gina for having me be a part of your special day. Congrats and may you have a long and happy marriage!!

To the friends and family of Tyler and Gina, go ahead and leave comments and well wishes. I know they’ll see them!!



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