*I sing REALLY REALLY loud in my car. So much that sometimes I get weird looks from other people in their cars.


*I think if coffee and chocolate were considered illegal and banned I might consider moving to another country. Or I’d melt into a puddle on the floor and be completely useless in society. Either way.

* My laugh is loud and startles small children at times.


*I’m ridiculously sensitive. So much so that I have to try really hard to ignore it when people say mean things about me and I find out. I mean, I KNOW I can’t please everyone all the time, but my husband has to convince me not to eat the entire box of chocolates when my feelings get hurt (yes, I’m an emotional over-chocolate eater).

*I break things constantly. Glasses, dishes, you name it, I’m not allowed near it. For instance at dinner tonight I spilled my glass of water all over the table. The kids weren’t with me, so I couldn’t blame it on them. HAHA!

(Check out that rad hair!!!)


Oh yeah, nother confession: I don’t do hair (or much make up for that matter). I’m kinda hippiesh that way. Look I made up a new word!

*I’m kinda OCD at times. Okay. Not kinda….


*I’m a lens junkie. Yes, I need help for it. Instead of jewelry I always ask my hubby for new lenses and other random camera equipment. He calls it crazy. I just call it dedication to my job.


* I’m totally random and silly sometimes. This post is a perfect example of my crazyness.

Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!

Until tomorrow….

(images courtsey of Elena)

  • Marja

    My gifted, talented, and beautiful “lens junkie” …….you are the most amazing young woman! You always amaze and inspire me! I can’t believe that God entrusted me with you. I am so thankful to have such a silly, funloving,creative and caring daughter. I love you so much, Jenica.
    Your mama

  • Grandma B.

    You are the best love you

  • Natalie

    You are too cute! I love your “random, silly, crazyness.”