Being a mama is tough work.

Today was one of those days where even though I was “off” work, I felt like my hands were full (times three). Today was one of those days where my angels weren’t quite angels. Where my patience was tried five hundred bazillion times (yes, that is an exact number).

At the same time, I’m so grateful that God entrusted me to care for these little ones. Even though it makes life really busy and chaotic, it’s always worth it. Even amongst the fighting over toys, the constant messes, and diaper changes. Oh goodness, my list could go on and on…

So here I sit at 10:55 p.m. at night editing (always editing). There’s a nice quiet calm in the house.  The kids are tucked away in bed after a long day in the sun. The new air conditioner is whirring away and we’re finally cooled off from the heat.

And I’m happy.