A lot has happened in the news of our small community this last week. Two toddlers have drown in very tragic accidents. To no ones fault, these babies lost their lives before they had barely begun.

I cried a lot this week. Thinking about what I would do if one of my babies were suddenly gone.

It made me wonder if there was anything I’d do different in my life. Would I change anything dramatically? Would I whine and complain about the little things? Would it really matter if the kids made a big mess in the living room? Do I let my friends and family know how much I love them? Do I hold bitterness towards others?

I’ve hugged my kids more this week than any other week. I’ve spent more time with them and tried to think of all the fun things we can do together this summer. I wasted less time playing on the computer, and spent more time reading books to them.

I’m teary eyed just writing this because I know that even though these poor little lives are lost, it’s already done something good for someone.

It’s helped me realize how short life can be.

(and because I can’t leave on such a sad note, here’s some goofy pics of my littlest guy taking pictures of his mama.)



  • Grandma B.

    The pictures are so sweet. I cried a lot too it would be terrible if we lost one of our kids

  • Marja

    I believe that through tough times and sometimes tragic losses we realize what is really important in life. I am teary eyed thinking how blessed I am to have such wonderful and caring children and grandchildren. That is something I never want to take for granted. I love you Jenica. Mom

  • Too true Jenica. Thank you for reminding us about holding tight to those we hold so dear… Prayers for your community…