My littlest guy is getting more and more personality every day. He’s a mellow, giggly little kid. He’s the most laid back of the three little kiddos who call me “mom.” He’s big on hugs and is the first to comfort someone if they’re upset.

Lately, though he’s figured out that he has a voice. He has finally caught on to his big brothers antics and screams at him if he tries to take his toys. It’s pretty comical actually. He gives mom attitude sometimes, but for the most part he’s pretty calm.

I wuvs him.


He picked this flower from the garden and then ran away (thinking it was wrong and I would take it from him). I had to convince him that it was “okay” and he wasn’t in trouble. He’s at that age where he gets into everything and is often told he can’t have the wonderful thing he’s found.