I submitted a piece of art work for a showing in a gallery and it was accepted!

I am excited to announce that my photo of mine will be on display at the Sixth Street Gallery in Vancouver, WA.

You can see their website here.

The art will go on display on May 1st through May 30th. I know I’m a bit early announcing it, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to share it here on my blog. I’m also not too ashamed to admit that I’m excited about it!

The theme of the show is “Staring Back: Portraiture.”  I titled my photo “The Beauty of a Child.” The submission requirements called for you to interpret this theme in any way you’d like. I took it literally and submitted a photo of her staring back. Unlike some artists, I’m not too deep into the meaning of my photos. I do tend to like serious photos versus smiling photos since only some of our emotion is smiling. It’s interesting to me to see serious faces of children since children are often depicted laughing or smiling.

Anyway, enough of that serious business. Here’s the photo…

(and as usual I’m totally biased and think that my baby girl is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen)