These kids were seriously perfect.

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed kids this well-behaved before. I kept teasing the mom about her amazing kids, but she reassured me that they aren’t always so perfect. I think my kids should learn some behavior skills from them. They are all simply beautiful and get along great with each other.

Thanks to the mom for this wonderful session. It totally made my day!!

look at this handsome little guy… doesn’t he just melt your heart??


and yes, she is as sweet as she looks.


She totally reminds me of my daughter. Very loving towards her siblings and she’s one smart cookie!


sb6wmrs1these last two are my absolute favorite images from this week.


  • Amanda

    Jenica, these are some of the most ADORABLE pictures I have ever seen. You are just rocketing ahead these days, miss! I really, really love the second one of them all together.

  • brigette

    I might be prejudiced….. but Oma or not, these are beautiful pictures. You’ve captured so much feeling and expression. I too, love the laugh shared by the girls in the last picture and the shot of the three standing…it absolutely brings tears to my eyes. Of course, sitting here right now watching them eat their Dixie cups of ice cream with messy faces gives me a similiar feeling. You however, capture those precious moments beautifully on camera for Oma’s like me. Thank you!

  • Nicholle

    Jenica these pictures are so cute. The kids are adorable.

  • Jenica! These are just gorgeous. What gorgeous colour and light. That last image is truly classic! They will have that beautiful memory forever thanks to your fantastic capture.