Marriah is like family to me. She’s dating my husbands cousin, Nolan. Okay I know that seems kinda far removed, but our family is pretty close. We actually get together all the time. We (gasp) like each other. So I’ve hung out with Marriah quite a few times since they’ve been together.

Anyways, miss Marriah asked me to do her photos and I happily said “yes!”

She’s absolutely gorgeous and was a blast. Nolan came along too, so we got a few great shots of the two of them together.

I hope you enjoy your preview!


I LOVE these two in the pink….


My favorite of them together. Not my hubby’s favorite, so I posted others as well. He helps me narrow down my selections unless we disagree 😉



  • Kelci

    you and nolan are sooo cute 🙂
    i love these pics 🙂

  • Andrea

    AMAZING!!! You always do a wonderful job Jenica, and Mariah, you look beautiful in all of them. It’s gonna be hard to decide which ones you pick!

  • Aunt Nancy

    Jenica, what and awesome job. I love them all, I don’t know how they will decide. Mariah is such a beautiful girl. Thank you for taking a few of she and Nolan, they are so cute! I would like to order one of each. I will contact you and get them ordered.
    Thanks again. Much Love, Aunt Nancy

  • Kylie Prudholm

    Jenica, you take wonderful pictures! Mariah you are so goreous =] I love the ones of you and nolan!

  • Wow, what a stunning woman. Great photos!

  • patti m

    she is stunning! Her dark hair against the pink adn that delightful dimple!! beautiful!!