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“Noonels” is going to be 14 months next week. The other two were fighting so I stole him as my test subject for my new camera.

Yes, I upgraded!

I’m extremely excited about the new possibilities that await. This photo was taken at ISO 1000. For all you non-photographers that means that I was able to take this photo without flash, in very low light. He was sitting on the floor in my kitchen with only the regular overhead light. Very little noise. With my other camera this photo would look bad. I would have chosen to use flash to make for a more pleasing portrait.

What does this all mean, Jenica?

This means that I am now more equipped to handle low lighting situations. I have a whole summer of weddings ahead of me and it’s going to be even better now that this new camera is here.

So yay for new tools!!!


She actually said that to me as I was posing her for these shots. She then giggled.

Silly kid.

When she was 18 months I took her to a model scout to see if they thought she could be a child model (don’t make fun, she was my first kid). It turned out to be a scam, so I never got her involved. Often people will say that she looks like she could be one, so I guess she’s picked up on that idea. She’s got a good self esteem. No problems there.

She’s losing teeth like crazy so she’s at that awkward smile stage. She let her Uncle Craig pull a tooth out yesterday while we were at a birthday party. She didn’t even flinch. She’s a tough cookie. Of course after her tooth was out she went around the room collecting money from grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Turns out she’s even smarter than I thought!

Trying new processing today. Let me know if you like it. Some days I’m just not in the mood for black and whites or super bright colors. I won’t be getting rid of those any time soon, but it’s fun to play around.


Miss C and I had a quick 15 minute session together yesterday. She’s independent and cute as cute can be. At one point she started getting sassy with me (which honestly I didn’t notice since I have a little girl of my own and it’s common). Anyhow, her mama said “you need to apologize to Miss Jenica.” To which Miss C said “Miss Jenica I apologize for being rude and I would like to ask for your forgiveness. Could you please forgive me?”

I almost melted into a puddle right there.

She was so genuine and sincere in her apology. Her mom and dad are teaching her well! I know quite a few adults who could learn this lesson (myself including). How often we don’t admit when we’re wrong and ask for forgiveness. She did it right away and without hesitation.

Sometimes I learn some great lessons from those that are small.

sb9Edited to add: due to some weird color shift changes from firefox, I changed the pictures from the post. Sorry about the neon colors. I figured out my issue now. Enjoy the (smaller) photos.

Hi, I’m Jenica and I’m a recovering lazy person. It’s not that I’ve sat around and done nothing, it’s simply that I’ve chosen to be completely unfit for the past seven years. I blame my children, but that’s another story.

Two weeks ago I started working out. If you’re my friend on Facebook you’ve seen my random status updates of “hey, I’m working out” or “my lungs burn from running.” It’s been the topic of conversation with myself. It’s a big step since I’m trying to become a more well rounded person (minus the “well-rounded” part). It’s not about weight loss. It’s about being healthy. I used to run back in junior high and high school, but haven’t put running shoes on since then.

Okay, I take that back.

ONE time after Tinker was born, I ran a mile and almost peed my pants. My body totally and completely rejected the idea of me doing something so insane. I hung up my shoes and didn’t touch them again.


I am now a person who works out. Today I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill. It took me a looooonnnggg time, but I did it. I feel fantastic. I actually folded five loads of laundry this afternoon. If you ask my family they will tell you it’s a miracle. I feel energetic,  I feel stress free, and let me tell you…

It’s awesome.


Miss “C” being her joyful self. More of her tomorrow.

My Tinker turned three yesterday.

Where did the time go? He’s growing so fast I can’t keep up. He has friends now. He made sure they were all invited to “my burstday party.” He collects Pez dispensers so it made sense to have a “pez pizza party.” Of course while shopping for his party stuff, he then decided he wanted trucks for the decor. It all worked out fine since I had found pez in the shape of trucks. I didn’t realize how many different kinds of Pez dispensers existed until I found I now understand how far parents will go when trying to keep up with a kids’ hobby. He keeps hiz Pez in a special spiderman backpack he carries around everywhere we go. He has about 50 pez dispensers. All with different names. Some are twins, some have candy. They are all special to him and if he misplaces one, the world ends and we have to find it before we can move on.

Happy Birthday Tinker. I love you. Pez and all.