My dad says this about kids quoting my very wise grandmother.

I’ve found this to be true in my life. No matter how many kids I’ve had during different stages, it was usually one more than I felt I could handle. Now with three kids, I often feel like I need ‘just one more hand’ to get them all wrangled together. Having three kids and two hands always proves to be an interesting experience when grocery shopping (or doing anything that requires running around town). The baby is usually on my hip, Tinker holds onto my pocket and Little Miss usually knows she needs to keep close. I don’t worry about her too much. According to her she’s practically grown up anyway.

Course as crazy as I feel with my kiddos at times, I still love kids. I think I’d have a dozen more if it weren’t for the whole financial/space issue. Though when I see moms with multiple kids, I wonder how on earth they manage. I know my friends with only one or two wonder how I do it.

I just tie a rope, hold on, and enjoy the ride.

Here’s a few from last week of Little Miss M. I had a quick mini-session with her. You can see her sister a few posts below (little miss “C”). Thanks for being such an adorable model. I hope you enjoy your photos!