This last Christmas season was extremely busy and I got so caught up with work that I didn’t take much time to do photography just for ME. So a couple of weeks ago I borrowed my favorite model and took her out for a fun session. I let her do her thing, which includes her goofy faces and her being a nut case. No idea where she gets that from… 😉

I had some plans going into it, but once we started having fun, my plans went out the window and I got to photograph just for fun. She and I had a blast and I felt like a little girl all over again. We chased each other through the fields and I kept teasing her and calling her “miss sassy pants.” She would laugh a great big belly laugh and then strike another “sassy pants” pose.

“you can’t see me”


oh how I love backlit hair.



“raining sunshine”

sour face


she laughs….


okay not the cutest face, but I couldn’t resist the colors here… sigh… I have been working on backlit stuff for awhile now and it’s just amazing what the sun can do!


“miss sassy pants”