Miss K came running out of school today exclaiming “you’ll NEVER guess what happened to me at school today!!!!” I stood there thinking it must have been really amazing for her to be so excited. She went on to explain that she’d been selected to be student of the week. I asked her how she got that priviledge and she said “I just thought that I wanted it and thought really hard and all of a sudden they picked me!”

She gets to write a story about herself and bring a show and tell item. A huge deal nowadays because “ONLY students of the week get to do show and tell” she explained to me. She’s bringing her new “eyeclops” magnifying glass she got for Christmas. It magnifies things 400 times and is “really cool” as she puts it.  I had to laugh at my little girl because on her about me page she put that her favorite book was the National Geographic magazine. I think we have a future scientist on our hands.

I love this little girl more than words could ever explain. She’s way beyond her years….

keely serious