Okay well it feels like it.

The kids and I have been holed up in our house for days. We’ve been trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Last night we started getting ready for Christmas and finally put up the tree. We waited since mr. D will probably pull off all the ornaments anyway.  So far only one has been pulled off and nothing’s been broken. They’ve only been awake for two hours, so we’ll see how long that lasts. Mr. I already unrolled one of my wrapping paper rolls and decided it was a “light saver” (or saber, but he can’t say it correctly). He’s an active kid and hope someday he can channel that energy into something cool like baseball.

In other news; we brought the dog in from outside. It’s actually not too bad having her around the house. She used to be an indoor dog when we lived in Hawaii. Thankfully she’s still potty trained. The kids are enjoying her and though it does add to the chaos, we’ve decided it’s a lot of fun having her indoors again. I had to wash her twice just to get the stink out. She’s been inside for a week already and it’s time for another bath.

So if you read all that, congrats on reading about my boring life. We’re off today to town (finally) to finish up some last minute shopping. Maybe after driving in the snow, dealing with large crowds, and spending money, I’ll finally be ready to be stuck home again.