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I did this little guys newborn photos when he was just a tiny lil thing at six pounds. He was sooooo cute back then and it’s amazing how big and chubby he’s gotten. Oh I just love this little spitfire!!!

He’s quite a smiley little guy. He cooperated with us for quite awhile before he got tired of me making goofy noises to make him look at me and smile. Course when we tried to put clothes on him he protested.

There’s nothing cuter than a nakey little baby bum.

check out those beautiful blue eyes and those cheeks… awwwww….

six month photos

six month photos

studio six month photos

six month photos

I LOVE this look. Cracks me up every time I look at it….

baby g studio pic

baby G in studio

six month photos

So I got my studio set up, got the lighting perfect, got the kids dressed and all of a sudden Mr. I decided he did NOT want to wear his costume. I tried to coax. I tried to bribe. I tried all the tricks in the book. He was not having it. It’s hard enough to get his photo, but this takes the cake. I took the other kid’s pictures first, then encouraged him to join in.

He truly is a cowardly lion when it comes to certain things. Don’t worry, I only let him cry for a few minutes and then I gave up and took his costume off.  I think the last one is going on my wall. It’s just perfect!!!

There’s no place like home….

Keely in her halloween costume

yup, he’s always happy. Seriously.

Declan as the scarecrow

two for three

Keely and Declan

I love how Miss K is bored, Mr. D is concerned and Mr. I is just crying away….

Keely and declan and isaac halloween 2008

is my two front teeth!!!!

My little girl lost her top tooth the day before yesterday. She was so excited and she kept running around singing the song. She lost her bottom teeth before summer, but had her permanent teeth grow in behind them so she never had a gap in her smile. This is her first time having a space in her teeth, so she is excited. She also gets her name on the “lost a tooth” board in her classroom at school.

She actually asked me if I would take her picture. I think that’s a first!!!

Gap tooth smile!

keely lost her front tooth

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous young lady from Richfield High School. We met up in Woodland, WA at the Horseshoe Lake Park near downtown Woodland. The location was perfect. We met up in the early hours and got all sorts of beautiful fog over the water. I haven’t been there since Derrick and I had engagement pictures done there eight years ago (my how time flies). We found all sorts of fun places to photograph and she was such a good model for me. We even ventured into downtown Woodland and made spectacles of ourselves photographing and posing near the main street! It was pretty fun!!

I hope you enjoy your preview….

I met Katie in downtown Longview for her high school senior pics. She is a stunning young lady. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t get over what a pretty gal she is!!

We had a blast running around the back alley ways and seeing what cool spots we could find for photos. It’s amazing what you can find if you just walk around town for a little while. The weather was absolutely perfect. Not too sunny, not rainy.

It was one of those days where I LOVE what I do. Seniors are an absolute favorite of mine to photograph.

I hope you enjoy the preview!!