I met this young man from the Kelso High class of 2009 out in Rose Valley for his senior photos. He grew up out in Rose Valley and his family knows a lot of our family. It’s such a small town!! He’s a captain on the football team for the Highlanders. I graduated in the class of 2000 and it’s hard to believe it’s been nine years since I was in school there at Kelso High. My how time flies!!!

We had a good time hiking around near the Coweeman River. It’s a beautiful place. So quiet and peaceful. I’ve done a few sessions out there and it’s always such a nice background for photos.

Thomas was a great sport for having his photo taken for two hours. Thanks for putting up with me!

I hope you enjoy your preview!!

KHS senior 2009

Thomas with his footbal

Kelso High senior photos

Thomas at the coweeman river

KHS football 2009

KHS 2009

Kelso High senior photos

Senior photography KHS

funky senior photos

  • Mom

    Great pictures Jenica. Thomas will love them.

  • Karen Grafton

    Thomas – I love all of the pictures. My favorite would be the one with you in the suit and also the FITCH t-shirt up against the tree. You look very handsome. Awesome!

  • Kalena

    i love them he kinda takes after me lol blue eyes is my favorite

  • Karen D.

    My top 3 picks, in order are — 1) brown t-shirt leaning against tree; 2) black-n-white head shot in football jersey and 3) dark polo by water. Each capture a different aspect of Thomas’ personality (expressive face!) and would make wonderful senior portraits.

  • Good job! He is so handsome!!

  • Brigitte Canto

    What a handsome young man. I love the first one that really shows his blue eyes. Also, the one that he is leaning on the fence. Bob and Dana must be proud. Love to all!

  • Denise J

    Wow! They are all awesome pictures! I think my favorite one is the one with him in the black polo with the river in the background.

  • cathy

    I like them all. The creek one and the Fitch t are both great. I love the football tshirt one. You are so handsome….

  • Love the one of him by the river, but they all rock…and geez seriously….he is good looking 😉

  • LoEtta Yaden

    MY Baby is all grown up and so handsome. I loved the head shot the black and white shot and the one of him leaning against the tree. You are one of my pride and joy babies Thomas. Love Nana

  • Andi

    What happened to that little boy that I wanted to marry off to my daughter at 5? The pics are all so awesome…can’t pic the best! Hard to believe our kids are grown up! Miss you guys! Andi

  • Uncle John

    My two favorites are the one with Thomas in his jersey with the football and the other is the one with the brown Fitch shirt leaning up against the tree. All of them are great these are just the two best in my opinion.

  • Debbie Quick

    Dana & Bob these are fabulous photos. What a handsome boy and the first photo shows those beautiful blue eyes. The one with his brown Fitch shirt on leaning against the tree is a favorite. The last photo looks like it could be an album cover. Good work Jenica you captured great pictures.

  • WOW! What a handsome young man. I really love the first one. His blue eyes are incredibly bright! In the last one he looks like a model for J. Crew! I am totally impressed. It will be hard to pick. They are all wonderful!How blessed you are to have such wonderful children.

  • sue johnson

    These are great! She does a fantastic job. I love the blue eyes!

  • Paige

    WOW it will be so hard to pick! They’re all ahhhh-mazing =] my favorite is the polo black and white one =] the football one and also the last one. It will definitely be hard to choose there all amazing!

  • Darcy

    They are all awesome but I like the ones where you smile and show your beautiful teeth. And – I am always partial to the ones of boys in their football jersey!

  • Donna Marko

    OK….how do you pick, you need them all. Those are fabulous, helps when you have something to work with!I really like the last one, love the colors of the picture. The foot ball one is great too! ENJOY
    Love Kalena’s comment…LOL

  • These are awesome! I think you did a great job of capturing the essence of a “guy” here!

  • Aunt Jenny

    These are GREAT pictures! I like 1 and 3 because he is smiling, but I think my favorite is the one by the creek. Thomas, you are a handsome young man! Love ya

  • "Grandma" Dolores

    Wow! They are all wonderful. You have a beautiful son, Bob and Dana. I think my favorite is the first one with his blue eyes. Love you all. dh

  • Mik

    Wow, a male model in the Gustin household! What next? GQ … SI … Bob’s next insert to the Daily News?

  • Kim Miller

    Love the football jersey and the one leaning by the tree!!! Gosh, Thomas…how you’ve grown up!!! Love all the pics!!

  • Josey

    All of them are sooo good!!! My favorites are the first and last one! Looking good Thomas =]

  • Andrea

    My Mom and I like the tree one the best! However, they are all great! It will be hard to choose they are all good!

  • Kathleen Rynevich

    The pics are all awesome. It would be almost impossible to pick a favorite. There is not a bad one in the bunch. If i had to pic it would be the first one. It really shows off his baby blues (eyes) What a handsome guy!!!

  • Aunt Julie

    So HANDSOME…I like the black and white/sephia look. You can’t go wrong with the river back drop either. You are all grown up!

  • DeAnna C

    Congrats to your senior year Thomas! Thanks for sharing the photos, you must be grateful for your gene pool! All of the photos are great, I couldn’t pick a favorite one!

  • Nancy

    Great Job Jenica, I love all the pictures, but i think my favorites are 1, 2, and 3. He’s not just handsome, but a great guy also. Thomas I can’t believe you and Nolan are graduating this year, it has gone way to fast!

  • Trish Baron

    I like the first picture (beautiful baby blues) and the very last photo in the black shirt. But, actually, they are all really good!

  • Thomas and family…
    All of the pictures are awesome. Love the first one with your blue eyes! That is my favorite. Also love the one with you leaning up against the tree in the Fitch shirt. They are all great. You are such a great kid! Hope you can coach again this year in Rose Valley… You are awesome! Love ya, Eric & Susan

  • WOW! They are all wonderful. If I had to pick one I would say the first one–with his beautiful eyes. I also liked the one leaning on the tree—what a wonderful Son–you are so blessed. Momma Dolores

  • Mike and Becky Kubitz

    Thomas, Congrats and best wishes for the future. Our favorite pics are the first two. Mike and Becky

  • Connie Ramos

    Your baby blue eyes will win the girls over every time. Good luck in the future and congratulations on your accomplishments.

  • Alex Grumbois

    These are all awesome pictures! i like the last two the best, but you look great in all of them! you’ll have an awesome senior year!

  • wendy jensen

    Great pictures Thomas the smile and the baby blues are WOW! The football jersey picture and the one with you leaning on the red barn and the black polo are my favorite. Your pictures show who you really are a great kid.

  • Jeffo....

    hahaha isnt this guy like 45?!
    lol hahaha.
    they look good.
    the pics and the sexy beast in the picture.

  • idanna

    what a great looking son Dana i know you are proud of him.

  • ETC


  • Thomas, all of your pics are awesome!! Nick and I think you should go to hollywood.

  • Uncle Todd

    Great shots nephew! Can’t wait to attend your graduation!