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My friend Amanda and I got together this weekend (she’s a fellow photographer) and she was kind enough to take a new photo of me. She got to put me through what I put others through. It’s was kinda hard being a model. I needed a new pic for my site that didn’t have Mr. D squishing my face (though a pic with him is always better since he’s such a cutie).

So yeah.. I wanted to share and see which was better… lemme know what you think!!

btw: please don’t comment on how pasty white I am or how I need to actually “fix” my hair, or how I could probably wear make up and my lips would actually show up. Maybe someone could sign me up for extreme makeover or something…. lol

kidding aside…


or b/w?

The latest craze in wedding photography is to do a “trash the dress” bridal session. These are done after the wedding (sometimes even years later). It gives brides a chance to have fun in their dress and get photos they weren’t able to get on their wedding day. Now, we don’t actually “trash the dress” during these sessions, but since the wedding is over we don’t worry as much about getting it dirty or playing around.

Here’s a preview of my latest work with the Lovely Miss L.

These were taken here in Longview at Lake Sacajawea in the Asian Gardens (one of my favorite locations).

It was a blast and if you or anyone you know is interested in doing one of these, please call me!!!

I’m offering discounted session fees for those who want their own “trash the dress” session.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think….

Miss K finally started school again. I can’t believe our summer has come and gone already!!. She is very excited to be back with her friends and have a new teacher. When we went shopping for her school supplies she insisted on buying a Hannah Montana backpack. She even used her birthday money to get it since she already had a backpack. It’s so fun when they get into a character that they just HAVE to have the stuff.

When I took her to the back to school BBQ and orientation, she kept saying “mom, you’re embarrassing me.” I was just playing with her hair like I normally do and now she’s become aware that it’s just not cool to have your mom fussing with you. On the second day of school, her grandpa took her to school and asked if she wanted him to walk her to the door. She replied “Grandpa, I’m a big first grader now, I can walk myself.” I guess she’s growing up.

disclaimer: I did not pose her… this is what she wanted to do. She told me she was giving her “sassy look.”

We finally did the session for the winner of the Fresh Faces Contest. This tiny gal sure was a cutie. It’s no wonder she got all those votes. Her smile is infectious!

We met up this last week for her “super model” shoot and she did fantastic. She has just recently become a big sister and her new baby sister is just as cute as she is.

Congrats to the winner and thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s contest!!