I met up with a fellow photographer to do her families’ photos up in Centralia, Washington. It was a quick and fairly easy commute for me. She wanted pics of her and her family before her brother went away in the military (and they hadn’t had pics done in four years together.). I know what it’s like to not have photos when you’re always behind the camera. I have my family session this next Monday and I’m excited to finally have a pic of the five of us together. We don’t even have a single snapshot of us all together.

Anyhoo… this family was a hoot. I can’t believe how much fun they were. Normally when I do older families I get a good maybe twenty minutes with them. This time they were willing to do whatever. They were incredibly patient and well behaved. 😉

I think they were well trained.

I had a blast and I hope they did too. Here’s some favs of the session…